Alpha plants

D5 Render Version:2,0
Graphics Card:rtx 3090
Driver Version:472,12


Hello Scuffi, could you tell me the name of this plant? We are identifying this issue cause, thanks in advance!

Oliver, I wrote about this kind of problem in earlier post - Opacity mask - glowing when transparent material visible in the background
Please see my post too. I have a problem with - Sabina Chinensis model. Thank in advance for help.

i noticed the same problem on other views, with Pinus tabuliformis08 plants, Modern green plants potted, but it would seem more of a problem like szakul says which appears when I have a transparent material in the background.

I did other tests with imported plants and materials made by me but the problem always remains.
it looks like a problem with alpha channels and transparent materials.

Hello Scuffi, just same as I mentioned in szakul’s topic.
Can you send me a sample scene of this problem? We are working on it, and it would be good if you could send us a scene for testing, in order to identify the issue cause.
My email is
We can create a simple model to repro this, but sky/camera settings are also important.

Sure thank you very much