Opacity mask - glowing when transparent material visible in the background

D5 Render Version: 2.0 and
Graphics Card: GeForce 3090
Driver Version: Nvidia Studio 471.96 DCH
Issue Description:

When object with opacity mask (in this example model from D5 assets library - Sabina Chinensis 03) is on the first plan and in the background we have any object with transparent material (in this example normal glass material from D5 assets library), an egdes of opacity mask glowing. (sometimes it could be also white border around opacity mask border). When standard material is in the background, opacity mask is sharp, without any glowing or white border.

Is it a bug or limitation?

EDIT: It’s visible in preview mode, final rendered images and animations. Changing parameters of glass or material with opacity mask - doesn’t get any result or changes in intensity of glowing effect.

Hi szakul, please adjust the Refraction parameter of the glass(transparent material) to 1, then see the result. Will the result change?

Hi Oliver, thanks for quick reply. I already did this. Refraction = 1 or 1.01 - I get the same result - glowing edges. The problem disappear only in two cases:

  1. No glass material in the background
  2. Glass material transparency = 0

I’ve checked it also on the other scene. The result is the same. No matter what I use - HDRI or GEO Sky. As You can see, glass refraction is 1.

Hello szakul, can you send me a sample scene of this problem? We are working on it, and it would be good if you could send us a scene for testing, in order to identify the issue cause.
My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com
We can create a simple model to repro this, but sky/camera settings are also important.