Wood Flooring requests

Hello, I think it would be great if the D5 Render team made edits to the wood flooring plank assets. Typically architects and designers like long lengths, not short pieces, and the more regular the wood grain the better. Here are few corrections I’d like to see:

  1. Randomized joints. Architects will ask the installer to not lay the planks so that the joints form lines like this:


The joints need much more staggering.

  1. Longer pieces:

Three feet should be a minimum in my opinion. I know the planks can be stretched in the “y” direction BUT that will make the joints wider as well and above a certain threshold, it becomes noticeable. This pattern shows good randomization/staggering of the joints, though.

  1. Typical wood flooring pattern vs patterns that appear more suited to tile or masonry. Few designers want stubby wood planks that emulate brick running bond. This pattern is much more suited to masonry. So if I wanted to use this particular color and texture for a floor, I really couldn’t:

Thank you for your consideration of my ideas.


Thank you for this suggestion and your efforts, they will help improve our assets library a lot! I will let D5 Works team record this idea.

thanks so much for mentioning this!!
I have also found it hard to find hardwood flooring in D5 that is usable. This is all great feedback. Just wanted to echo what you’re saying. I’m an interior designer and have found it tricky to make any of the ones available to work!

Hello, what kind of hardwood flooring material, could you show me a photo?
Like this one? Cabinetry from Sketchup not transferring some linework? - D5 WORKS - D5 RENDER FORUM

Hi Oliver!
I like the herringbone options that are in the program! But honestly, a whole house of herringbone is pretty out of my client’s budgets!
For the straight lay hardwood, just what Jeffrey was saying above. Randomized joints, longer boards, and different sizes overall to make it more similar to hardwood I would spec for a project!
Attaching 3 quick screen grabs from Pinterest. I love the longer plank length, and a few wider plank options. Also love the color and texture of these ones!
Thanks so much for asking! I love so many of the textures in the program, so if there were some hardwood options that would just be amazing!!


Forum member ngodienvu posted beautiful renderings with wood floors recently:

C.o.v.e.r apartment tosa - Gallery - D5 RENDER FORUM

That is the kind of floor I have used with past clients. Dark, long lengths VERY straight wood grain, no knots, wide and narrow plank.

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