What are the D5 Converter limitations?

Hi, I’ve noticed many limitation when transferring a scene from C4D to D5.
Most of them concern Materials as I haven’t spent much time with it.

Is there a complete list describing what Material parameters do not transfer to D5 ?

I’d also like to know how to solve this issue below:

As you can see textures do not sync. I tried moving all essential textures away from the reflectance channel but still nothing. Is this a limitation or do I do something wrong ?

Last but not least, as you can see I use a Vertex Map as a mask to blend two materials together on the same model (the blue roof and white walls), the vertex map uses fields for interactive blend in space. Maybe D5 can’t bake the Layer shader ?

Would a model with two polygon selections with different materials assigned to them work with D5 ?

Hi mate, what type of materials are they? Not all materials are supported by D5 Converter
You can refer to this blog for more information:

C4D Rendering with D5 | D5 Sync for Cinema 4D - Workflow / C4D - D5 RENDER FORUM

I use the C4D Standard Materials that according to the Blog they should be 100% compatible but that is not true.

It should be clearly stated what channels are supported.

As you can see this is the general material of the building.

The original Texture wasn’t white so I used the Layer shader to make it white

Small detail, the Reflection Layer is disabled but obviously it interferes when syncing to D5

Probably the same applies to other objects (bell, door, windows), that’s why it looks like there is only one material for the whole model.

For the building I use a Field-Driven Vertex Map to blend two versions of the same texture, procedurally colored in C4D.


So I deleted the Reflection Layer from the Reflectance Channel and got this result


Which is obviously better, but there are still things out wrong and those are the Projection Types. Obviously the Vertex Shader doesn’t work for masking the two different versions of the wall texture.

It should be mentioned in the docs that C4D’s projections do not sync or override those of D5 and that D5 will apply its own.

Is there any dedicated thread for recommendations/suggestions for future D5 features ?
I’d like to recommend syncing light sources.

I fiddled with the D5 projections, applied some Triplanar, made adjustments and everything is fine (apart from the Vertex Map mask which I’ll find some way to fix it later)

So yeah, there should be mentioned in the docs a lot about what to expect from material sync.

Thanks for the advice, have shared it with the team.

Can you send this model and scene to us for troubleshoting? support@d5techs.com

I will. Thank you.

Hi mate, The reflectance is not supported by this converter, can you try again to add it to the color?

Also, Syncing c4d ambient light to D5 is not supported, but normal lights can be synced by sending the light button.


Yes, I eventually moved everything out of the Reflectance channel.

Thanks for the light tip. I thought the refresh button would transfer that too.
I noticed it only syncs the position of it though… Intensity and color do not transfer.

The way to deal with the problem of incorrect UV