Weird behaviour with Emissive materials

D5 Render Version: : 1.8.1
Graphics Card: : Nvidia RTX 3090
Driver Version: :
Issue Description: A jumping light fuzziness happens below the Can Light emissive material. There is an actual spotlight placed below it for illumination and shadow definition purpose. (I find the emmisive material shadow definition always on the weak side).
Making the emmisive Can Light material “invisible in raytracing” fixes the issue only partially because then no light is seen on the internal wall of the Can light.
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional): An emissive material with a spotlight below it.

Hello @3dfan
Did you turn the DLSS on?
please try to turn it off and render again.

Thank you!

Hi whao:

I did tests with and without and was the same. Cheers.

Hello 3dfan,
The light may overlap with your model.
You can pan the light down a bit. :arrow_down:
The light is actually a single mesh model.