Water Changes Scene Lighting

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: Nvidia 1060 6GB
Driver Version: 526.98
**Issue Description: When any item or object in the model is changed to Material type Water, the entire scene’s lighting changes. The rendered images lighting is also extremely bright, changing any of the lighting settings has no effect on the result. The only way to bring the scene back to normal is to change the Material type back to Custom.
Screenshots/Videos Description:

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Is this mesh connecting with other meshes? I mean the water material may affects others. You can use an separate model to test it out…

Yeah, I agree with zi6666, maybe other parts of the water material affect the reflection of the scene. You can drag a cube from D5 library, then apply water material to it for testing.

so in a blank model I placed a cube and applied the water material and it worked perfectly.
Water looks like water and there is no weirdness with reflections.

But in my main model it doesn’t work.
I’ve split my water mesh from the model so that it doesnt touch. Re-exported it again from Archicad to D5.
But if I apply the water material or change the material type to water it blows up the reflections as per the screenshot.
I have successfully rendered with the water material in previous versions, but I cannot recall the version number.
Anything else I can try to resolve?

I exported my model from Archicad into Sketchup then exported to D5 and the water works perfectly!
Could it be a bug in the AC exporter?