Video Texture - Stops after 1 loop plus Blurring

D5 Render Version:Pro
Graphics Card:gfx 3080
Driver Version:
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Hi All,
I opened D5 to find the Video texture not working. Attached is an example of what it looks like - Sorry about the terrible gif - it jumps halfway because I didnt want to show some info from file expolorer - but Im importing the texture - its quite difficult to make a GIF!

it looks like it loops once and blurs?

this was working yesterday

D5_videoTexture Problem


Hello, have you turn on the Real-time option?

do you mean this

i’ve stopped working on that model. after sending in my last report D5 crashed continually.

I started another fresh SU model - and the video texture works as it should so far.

I might go back to the model later but as D5 is so exciting and my time is short to ‘play’ i’m moving on.
I was wondering if the problem could be the amount of video texture i was putting in -
In SU created a basic LED light wand/tube - I work in TV Production as a Set Designer. in the tube i placed 50 10mmx10mm squares, mapped one texture across them all. In D5 I ‘Material picked’ the mapped texture changing it to a video texture and assigned my ‘stars’ video to it. I also mapped the same to a large window next this which was the focus in the video… could this be the problem?

i found the Realtime button - in display - 90% think it was on - as i mention moving on … cheers

Hello, I think you are right, that may be the problem. But I am not sure whether the textures are overlapped or something else. It would be good if you could send your model and scene files to my email directly, we will check why the issue appears. My email is

Hello C,
Please check the email I sent you just now, with video attached.

  1. The problem is not related with your model, and it works well with various video materials.
  2. Please make sure the video you insert is not over 200mb.
  3. you can start a new model then insert the same video onto it in D5 Render, then check whether it can display normally.