Video Glitch Noise Problem

**D5 Render Version:**
**Graphics Card:**3090
**Driver Version:**516.94
Issue Description:
There is terrible noise in video, tried already to set materials below 0.33 Roughness, any ideas how to fix this? I cannot submit my project like that to my clients!
Screenshots/Videos Description:

Link to video: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

i have same problem :frowning:

Hello, it seems this room lacks lighting in that area. You can turn off auto-exposure and then adjust the exposure to a medium value, and also use artificial lights to complement the lighting. If the problem remains, please let me know.

Have, the same problem, tried everything, hdri, default sun, artificial lights, no lights. 490p, 2k, might be an update issue.

Could you please send me the scene file for test?

@lalovgroup I have checked the files you sent.
Most abnormal reflections will not persist in the rendering image or video.
In the preview mode, some flickers around the board’s edge can be diminished by turning on “Round Corner”.
If the abnormal reflections remain in the rendering image or video, please send me the screenshots.