Video driver crashed and was reset

Hi all. I am testing the new version and after trying to open a scene that was already in process for the first time, I received the following notice. It only happened once, the truth is that it is rare since the card is updated to the latest driver.

It happened only once, I’m going to test everything and comment on anything.

Again I receive the error, now I cannot open any file created with the previous version or create new files.

WTF ???

Hi Franco,

I have in the first version 1.6 the same problem, are you sure you have the STUDIO Version for the nvidia driver, i´ts work better than the game driver.

I hope this help you


Hi JoelLouis! Right now it is working, I reinstalled the new version of D5 before removing the old one, and I did the same with the video drivers. Now it works correctly.