Video driver crashed and was reset

I have a problem with the graphics card driver. I am using the GTX 1080ti and I have updated to the latest version. But also the message “video driver crashed and was reset make sure your video drivers are up to date. Exiting”

Has anyone ever encountered a problem like me?

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After installing D5 render 1.6 Pro I had the same problem, but only when I did a render, the program crash every time I trying make an image.

I have an Intel I 7 and Nvidia rtx 1080, with the nvidia 445.xx driver.
BUT today I got a new driver update with 446.14 and everything fixed.
I can render in 2K, 4K, and 6K without any problem.

I hope it serves you
Joe Louis

I have the latest driver but still get this message. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Screenshot below.

I updated the video card driver with 446.14 but the problem still persists.