Very slow render times or crashes

**D5 Render Version:
**Graphics Card:NVIDIA rtx 3070

**Issue Description: After upgrading to latest version, it takes ages to render videos in 4k. It used to take max 20-25 mins before, now it takes like 5-6 hours. I tested it with D5 demo scenes, nothing changes. It takes forever to start rendering and takes alot of time to complete. However i have no problems while rendering in 1k or 2k , very fast and smooth. I tried to reinstall the program etc but nothing changed. Any ideas? Thanks

Hello, it is weird, the problem happens to all files when rendering 4k? Do you have DLSS turned on?
If possible, please send a sample scene file to my email for testing. Also, please show me a screenshot of the hardware information and video driver versions.

Thanks for replying Oliver. I sent you an email with the files you asked. Have a nice day

Hey Oliver, i updated my graphic card driver, looks like problem solved. Thanks again.

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Np oaydilek, you can also try our Benckmark tool to test the performance.
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