Vehicles are not loading in 2.1

Instead I get a message saying asset will be updated but then still leaves a widget instead of a vehicle

Hi, click “update all” and it didn’t work?

Yes it looks like it is updating it and then completes but still doesn’t load the asset

Hello, after you click Update all, it will have a list of items to update, right? will they succeed or fail to update? please show me a screenshot of them.

Besides, is the origin scene file made in 2.0? Please restart D5 and open an empty scene, then drag those assets out and check whether they need update.

Hi. Yes they succeed updating but I am still left with the widget but it isnt replaced by the vehicle. The scene was created in 2.0 but these are new assets I am bring in. Other types of objects load fine but not vehicles. Maybe it is something with dynamic objects and my graphics card?

Hello, I think it should be assets error, not error on your side. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can you send me this scene file which has this problem? My email is
If you can repro this problem in a smaller scene file, then you can just send me a sample scene file.

To solve this problem, please delete the SUV 02 in the scene, then insert again from our assets library.

Any updates will be appreciated.

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Thanks, I reproduced it with a new scene and will email it to you. When I delete the SUV 02 and insert again it does the same thing. Also with all the other vehicles I have tried. Please advise when you can.

Hi dvdstwrt, sorry for the late reply, we found this strange behavior is related to a potential bug. Your scene file is still 2.0 version, while the assets(vehicles) belong to 2.1 version’s customizable assets.
If the problem remains, please try this solution(to confirm, you are using, right?)
navigate to your D5 installation folder->d5_immerse->Content>Paks>f2, then clear this folder, delete all the items inside.
Then please open D5 Render and download those vehicles again.(This way will delete all downloaded models)

If you have once changed the storage location in D5 Render preference, please go to that folder instead.

I appreciate the response Oliver. I tried that but it updates all the other assets but the vehicles, even though it goes through the process and thinks it has updated them. The small file I emailed you was a new scene created in and it still has the same problem : /

Hi dvdstwrt, did you once join the 2.1 beta test, or have D5 Render Preview on your computer?
Could you do remote access for troubleshooting?

Hi. I did not do the beta test and I am not sure about Render Preview. I could do remote access