"Unknown Error - Please contact Us" - Any idea why this error occurred?

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: RTX 3070
Driver Version: 516.93
**Issue Description: I was trying to import my revit file into D5 to create a render, and after hours and hours of waiting for the file to import it crashes and says “Unknown error please contact us.” **
Screenshots/Videos Description: I didn’t take any screenshots, and for me to get screenshots would take another 4 - 6 hours of waiting for it to import and crash.
Steps to Reproduce (optional): This happens every time I try to render my revit file so I am assuming it must have something to do with the very large size of my file. (Its 3GB)

Let me know if theres any error codes I need to send in here, I have just started with this rendering program and still don’t know where everything is to figure out how to solve these issues.

Attached is a log file!

zziplog.zip (3.5 MB)

Another issue is this as well…

Any Ideas on how to solve these issues?

Hello julien.delmonico
I read your message on the forum, I saw that the video card is good, but I don’t know the gigs, that’s when the processor has memory. However, when it comes to a very large file to export from your graphics program to that of rederig, it may happen that the PC can’t make it. The reasons can be many, but do not be discouraged, you can deal with the problem differently, thinking about it yourself lighten the Files of your work, and try if D5 loads it. I can suggest several, one is to turn off some objects, which are certainly large, they can be those of the scene such as chairs I have a particular sofa, people, lights I have vegetation, being that I do not know your project I go for an idea . Then if you can load it and manage it, the objects you have turned off you can import them as if they were D5 objects, you know how the program works! You can import objects and insert them into your project. I also understand the difficulty of inserting them in the right place with the same coordinates. Then make sure that the design files are more than one divided into parts, that is the main one, then the scenographic one with objects. Maybe there will be more than one, it always depends on its size, then you insert them in the files you imported into D5, I manually put the object files block I have with the XYZ coordinates
I hope I have given you a hand with your work

Hi Julien,
Sorry to hear that you ran into this problem. To confirm, this problem happens to all files, or this specific large one? We will check the log you uploaded first, then keep you updated here, thank u for your patience.

Thank you for the idea riccardofortelli! I will see what I can do to split the project into sections and give it another shot!

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Hi Oliver, as of now it only seems to happen to this very large file. I can’t help but wonder if the file may have gotten corrupted?

Hi julien, sorry for that. But I think the revit file may not have gotten corrupted, cause it can open in Revit with no problem, right?

I guess there can be some material that is incompatible, or other reasons. Could you send me the rvt file? We will look into it for further troubleshooting. My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com

Hi Oliver, the revit file seems to open fine in revit without a problem. I will work on sending it to you. I had tried linking the project into an empty project which drastically shrank the size of the file, however after waiting a while for the loading bar to stop it ended up not producing anything on the D5 program.

Any ideas on this method? I have a feeling you’re right and that the file might just be corrupted sadly.

Hi julien, yeah, we may need this .rvt file for further troubleshooting, I guess there is something incompatible with our plugin.

Okay, I can’t compress the file enough to make it send able sadly. I guess we are just at a loss for now.

Hello, can we arrange remote access to solve this problem and find the issue cause? If possible, please let me know, and we can schedule a time for that.

Unfortunately we are just going to use 3ds Max for now. Thank you though, I am definitely planning on coming back to D5 in the future cause id like to try it out.

okok, thanks for the updates.