Twxture Position Deformation


As on the picture, a texture applied on the same Sketchup colour surface (all faces with the same orientation) are totally different.
There is no possibility to correct it.
Surface 1 and 2 should be textured in the same way. Any texture chosen gives the same unexpected effect.

Please advise.
Thank you in advance.

Had the same problem importing from Blender.

A quick fix is to reopen the model in Sketchup and apply a unique texture to part no.2; now when you open the model in D5, you can apply the texture and change it’s size/orientation to match part no.1 - since it will be considered a unique texture.

Having looked at a previous instance of this occuring for me, it seems reversing the face of a problematic texture in SketchUp can fix orientation issues. Components/groups can also cause issues.

Thank you very much for the solution.
Will have take the additional attention.