Trees disappear from the frame before the camera passes on the final rendering

**D5 Render Version: **
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Driver Version: 31.0.153699

I experience this issue in every project.
Trees or shadows from trees disappear before the camera passes by them on the final renders. Trees and their shadows disappear or appear at the edges of the frame a second or two later than they should. As a result, in the final render, I can see trees or their shadows appearing or disappearing at the edges of the frame depending on the direction the camera is moving.

In this project, the camera is moving from left to right. Therefore, in the final render, I see the trees disappear on the left side of the video a few seconds before they should (i.e., before they leave the frame).

I have several videos, but unfortunately, only images can be uploaded here.

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi there, sorry for that problem. Can you please compress a scene file folder and send it to for troubleshooting? Also you can send a video there. We believe it can be a bug.

Support has not responded for two months. No news on resolving the issue. I have tried reinstall the software, but it didn’t help.

Why have you not responded to the issue for two months?

Hi @cg.mosk,
extremely sorry for our late.
I have just responded to your email, please check. :heart:

Best Regards,

Hi, I also experience the same issue.
Is there any solution to that?

If it convenient, can you send this scene file with the issue to me( the entire folder)? You can send it to with the briefly describe. We will check it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi! have you tried to reduce the value of output cull distance? :thinking:

The сull distance value does nothing to resolve this issue.
I was told that it’s a software bug, and support has disappeared again, not responding to emails.

Hi! The support team did something to address your issue?
In my case, the support is not responding to emails.

Same thing has been happening to me ! I’ve noticed tree shadows disappearing at edges

Yeah, the cull distance unfortunatelly doesn´t help this issue. I´ve increased it up to 3 km, and did not help:

The only thing I can do is rendering a slightly larger video, then crop it. It´s a bit annoying that I routinely need to re-render sequences in larger crop to solve this.