TIME LAPSE -- Sun movement

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: 2080 Ti - 12GB DDR6
Driver Version: 511.65
Issue Description:

I am creating a video of a building. I am trying to create a sun timelapse with sun movement.
Its very surprising that for 1 video i created a night to day shot and it worked fine.

Im trying to recreate the same for another video and D5 just shifts the time to time according to the times in jerks. it renders the frames without the sun movement smoothly. So the essence of a timelapse is lost. After stitching the png’s to video. the shadows are jerky and timelapse doesn’t work as per what times i had set. It worked properly for my other video of the same file. But not working for this video smoothly. I am basically rotating around the building like a drone and starting the clip at 8:30am and ending it at 16:45pm. And the intermediate frames have been given its own intermediate times between that of 8-16. Is that the way i need to do it or do i just need to set start and end frame times and it will automatically do it own path of the sun.

Why does it switch the the new location of the shadow without the sun being moved??
At frame “png sequence” 750 sun is at 9:40 and frame 751 sun shifts to 9:55 in a jerk. so in video u get a choppy effect of the shadow jumping from 1time to the next. Instead of a smooth sun traveling.

I cannot share the video or file as it for work. Anyother info sure i can share with you.

Screenshots/Videos Description:
Cant share as its for work.

Steps to Reproduce (optional):
Each frame of the video needed to be given it own time. and then after png render sequence u get like a immediate shifting of the shadow and not a smooth movement of the sun.

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Hello, please set set start and end frame times directly, because if you set multiple keyframes with different times, the Sun movement may be not smooth and the speed is not fixed.

I have like 22 cameras in the video of the shot.
how would you like me to proceed in setting the time as per the sun?!
Where do I set what time for which camera?

As per what u have said camera1>8:50AM and camera22>16:50PM
Will D5 automatically capture that and move the sun for me.

If so What will the intermediate frames now have the sun angle as 8:50AM only?
So now i need to set 8:50 to all the frames of 1to21 and keep 22 as 16:50PM as per your suggestion. Would it work that way?

My issue is that my scene is already very heavy and i am working on low mode just to pull things thru and manage my render output. So dont have time for such RnD.

I want to basically cover an entire day cycle. In that one shot.
Why don’t we in the next update have a definitive sun position slider or marker in case of such events. Just like you have inspector for the movement of objects with keyframe locations. Similarly the Environment also should be activated with such data on clicking thru as per the users liking. I like the output and like the workflow of D5 but such minor shortfalls have a major impact on what needs to be achieved. And can be achieved

Also there is no sun at all movement its basically jumping directly to the new sun angle as per the set time. Anyways will try what u said.

I will set the sun angle every 5th or 8th frame and check.

I did what u said, and changed each frame except last to 16PM, but now the sun movement only happens between camera21 & camera22. Is your sun movement Timebased? Framebased? Whats the internal working for setting a smooth sun movement?

My video is 2mins long. So im gonna set a sun angle as per time base and check the result. i.e Ill set each 30secs of footage a time and progressing from that time.

Sometimes it works and the sun moved and sometimes D5 is broken it also automatically shifts in the months even thou its set to a particular month. When i set the first frame to month 6. Why does D5 randomly change the month for any other?

Sun position and angle is a very integral part of architecture design and design language. Creating a digital twin creates accuracy to our design. D5 should rethink and make it happen.

Thanks for your support.