Thoughts about render and bugs and issues

Dear D5 render community, I’m reading this forum few times a day…and these are few of my thoughts about D5 soft, community and so.
I think that we all are part of something interesting and hew…maybe I will compare it to newborn baby…
We all know that there are some bugs, some issues…but for me personally its really interesting to be part of something which is starting from scratch…we all have the possibility to become “parents” of the baby…so please be patient, be vise, be strong be helpful…with our effort and willing of D5 team to grow and to cooperate with us and become “adult render” we can achieve alot…so if its possible for you…try to setup up your minds and dont be angry if something went wrong, something isnt that good, that fast, that fluent…the “render kind” will grow up and we all have the chance to be part of it…so take it…I wish you all the best


Hi, tomankubik! This is D5 office. We are very moved to receive your feedback! Thanks for your support and understanding! We will continue to improve our product quality and try our best to satisfy everyone’s suggestion. We are so lucky that we have a lot of excellent users like you! Yours suggestions、feedback and sharing are the biggest motivation of our work! At this movement, we would like to thank everyone who supports D5 to this day. As you said, All of us are the parents of D5 render, So, please stay tuned with us, let’s work together to make D5 grow better!


Very good! Said everything the same way I feel!


thanks…hope I wasnt too off topic and nobody feels hurt by my words…

Conversely, We all moved by your words! All the members in D5 office got a great motivation from your response! Thanks a lot! And If you have any requests or suggestions in the future when you use D5, you can contact with us at anytime!

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thanks D5 team