The last update was not good

Hello. The problems do not end after the last update in d5 render.
1- It is very difficult to reach the material library. It often gives errors.
It stays locked.
2- There is a problem with the import models. I can’t bring the import model to the stage.
3- The program freezes. It stays locked.
There are big problems.
The last update was not good.
Please help.

Hi mate, regarding the freezing problem, can you generate a log file then send it to us for troubleshooting? Also, does the problem happen to a specific scene file or all files?
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hello Oliver
I created the file.
I am sharing the download link in the attachment.
For your information.

Hi mate, I saw that you are using the video driver 531.18, which has some problems. Please install the latest Studio driver(528.49) instead.
If the problem persists, please let me know, also, you can try closing one monitor, using only one, then check the result.
We are identifying the issue cause on your computer and will help you solve it soon.
sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello. Ok. I will try. Thank you.