Texture is missing

I have used the texture ‘Rubber’ for a while and one time I decided to change it a little and save is as ´Local’. Now it’s saved in Local but the Rubber texture is now gone from it’s original placement in ‘Plastic’ and I only have it in Local with my changes.

It there any way to get the original back? Now I understand if I take a original and change it’s setting and saves it to Local it will be gone.

Or can you in any way change a texture and save the new setting without loosing it original?

Anyone know a solution to this?

Thank you

A suggestion

D5 materials that are used could be saved in a separate library.
Similar to local assets, so it is possible to put them together as a favorite.
Because mostly you always use the same materials with maps.
That would save us a lot of time.

Hi there,

Thank you for the suggestion. It’s on agenda and being designed. Stay tuned