Strange shadow/reflection following camera

D5 Render version :
RTX 2080
Driver 516.94 game ready


I am having problem with D5render and I cant figure it out. I have strange shadow/reflection that keeps follwing my camera. If I rise up my camera, that shadow/reflection also follow. But it only happens specifically on that side of the model, with the same material, on the other side it doesnt happen. I tried everything but non of them help. Could you help me out with this.

Thank you

I found the problem and solution, problem causes by rectangle lights from D5 render (don’t know if it also comes from other light source or not). Solution, select all your light, move it up or down a bit and then move it back to the old position. then it’s better to group all your light together to do it one time. This is a bit inconvenient but fixable.

Hello, yes, it is because the rectangle light was overlapped with the model surfaces. We will add this tip to D5 Help Center-FAQ, thank u.

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