Still no working D5 :-(

Why does the D5 test says that I have a 1060 when I have a 1070 GTX ?
How to fix ?
Aantekening 2020-03-12 090842

Nvidia is version 442.50 GeForce GTX 1070
Intel i7-6800k cpu 3.40gHz
48 GB ram
Windows 10 Home

Hey Peter,

May I know whether you’re using the laptop or PC?

If you’re using PC, please make sure your monitors are both/all connected to the graphics card, not to the motherboard. Then try again.

Thank you very much.

Hi Jessie, I’m a Mac person so not so tech savvy with Win pc’s.
How can I check this ? in the settings or physically ?

here’s an image of the connections (one monitor)



Hey Peter,

Seems everything is fine with this. Could you please send me the file named"logs" in the installation directory, to my email -
We’d like to figure out the issue from logs.
Thank you very much.

Hey Peter,

We’ve check out your logs. Please upgrade your graphics driver to the latest version and try again. The problem probably will be solved.

thank you very much

Still nothing
Geforce game ready driver 445.75
Geforce studio driver 442.19

still not passed the test :frowning:

Hi Peter,

You only need to install one of them(we recommend the studio driver), coz the PC can only recognize one of them.

Thank you very much