SSD space

Hi D5 Team,

I have realized a very annoying thing about d5. My SSD space has been decreasing space day by day because all contents I place in D5 go to a folder in my c:. Even when I delete a job it remains in the content folder. I would like you guys to create a sort of cleaning option so that we could clean all unwanted files there are in the system folder.

Hi there, thanks for your report and suggestion! For now, we don’t have such functions, so we suggest you change the default folder path to Desk D and delete the whole project folder when you don’t need it.

I think you don’t understand! All these files I said that has been fulling my ssd, they are located randomly in D5 content folder, at the same place I installed the program. They all have been created and as far as I realised, they have no function other than a sort of backup. I deleted all them from 3 folders named ‘um’, d and MaterialTextures. Nothing changed in my D5 files.

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Bro open files of your project and delete paks folder it does not effect your project but helps in saving space

Yes, that was what I realised.
The problem is that all these files should not be created in D5 installation folder. It has been created automatically by the program and is making my SSD full.
I am not writing about my model files nor my models folder, that are placed in my HD exactly where I have chosen, I’m am writing about a few system folders that d5 has been created with files like renders, textures and other things. It is very annoying to go inside all systems folders and try to find out whether I can delete or not.

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