Spam issue

Have any of you experienced emails from similar sources? The gmail spam filter is letting them through.
I suspect a leak of emails from D5 :frowning_face: :frowning_face:
I literally use the email given in my D5 account in three places.

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi FeFe, thank you for posting. We understand your concern about privacy very much, and D5 cares about the security and protection of users’ privacy as well.

  1. We will actually protect users’ email information. The third-party cloud services we used (including this forum system) are industry-leading and are adopted by many other big enterprises globally. The risk of data leaking is very small. If we find that there is a leak in the third-party services, we will stop cooperation and notify users.

  2. D5 has no subjective motivation to disclose users’ mailboxes and data. Our team focuses on the development of rendering engines and assets. Our business is single and simple. We are not an Internet company that provides a wide range of services, nor do we hold a large number of user mailboxes and data. For us, protecting the privacy of only users is much more important.

  3. Spam is a problem in the global mail system. Even if the newly registered mailbox does not use any services, it may encounter spam engine scanning mailbox names. For batch sending (whether it can be sent successfully or not), it is recommended that the user check whether the mailbox has registered services similar to spam content.

If you need additional help, you can contact D5 support. We are willing to become forever friends with D5 users and provide services within our ability to help D5 users solve problems other than using D5.

To summarize, you are the first user who reports this kind of problem, please do not worry, because we will be committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights of users and ourselves. If someone tries to steal or hack our data, we must investigate it according to law.