Some workflow conflict


few things that cut the workflow;

  • conflict with space bar in video is still no fully solved; you create a clip with a first picture, then you try to adjust finely the camera in walking mode with space bar and W/S/A/D, but when you push down the space bar the view comes back automatically to the previous one, unless you actualize still pressing the space bar, which is weird/unnatural.

  • it would be good when you “go out” from a still image to get back to a “working view mode”. I mean if you have like very low depth of field and field of view in your still picture, then you move to adjust stuff (people, tree, whatever) you have to get back manually to a workable dephth and field of view. You can always set “working view” but when you have a large scene (hundred of housing…) it’s not working.

this are little ergonomic problems but since you seam having great care on that matter, i’m just telling.



Ok, thank you! I think that two suggestions are very reasonable and useful, and I will share them with the product team.