Some troubles with texture fbx export

I imported a scene with models from 3ds in FBX format to D5. The room itself is exported normally, but the furniture models have strange spots. The models themselves are of excellent quality, the scans are there, everything is done correctly. Can you tell me what this might be related to?

Phong angle in Fbx

and how to fix it?

cant find how to solve this problem :frowning: to bad i didnt work in sketchup

in Cinema4D (my 3D modeling SW)
Red Cube: OK. Phong active
White cube: Bad. Phong deactivated
IN D5: White Cube Error

watch this link (for SKUp):

in 3ds max we dont have Phong “active\inactive”. It calls activeshade artefacts. But in my case, models done properly.

In 3DStudio:
On the top menu bar go to “Normals” > set normals or choose soften edges

well i find how to fix it in export menu need to choose preset Autodesk Media & Entertament. now all fine

Good news

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