Some corona materials unsupported

HI BRUCE ., how do we get all materials from corona to d5

applying each material is gonna be hectic and whenever im syncing its distorted as its in reference image attached … can u help me quick .

Hi mate, what’s the version of your Corona?

corona 9 latest version

AS of now using 2.4.3

do i need to uninstall and install again ?

HEY BRUCE ., im not able to merge two files … why am i getting a TDR error and closing the file
can u please help me quick

AFTER merging a folder is opening and still 0% its showing … it aint showing done .
please help

HI BRUCE … how u doing …
may i kno why these trees are like proxy … i have placed it from d5 assests library …?

Hi mate, sorry for the delay, can you tell me the name of this asset? did it(trees like proxy) also happen to the empty scene?

Regarding the CR9, we now only support CR6-8, some materials in CR9 are not supported, sorry for the inconvenience. but we are optimizing it.

If you want to update D5, you can download here.

ok thank you ., is there any easy way to add multiples parallax for huge block of residential apartments ?
placing one by one is back breaking and time taking …

We do not have a quick way to arrange for enormous blocks for now, but it may be easier to make a group and copy it compared to placing them one by one. We will consider optimizing it, thank you.

thank you bruce…, having multiple gpu 4090 24 gb cards is it useful and helpful to handle complex scenes in D5 ? for rendering ?

Hi friend, D5 cannot support multiple GPUs, but a single 4090 24gb is good enough to run many complex scenes. by the way, you are such a rich guy to have multiple 4090…

hi bruce … haha its not being rich … i cant still afford multiple 4090’s if its required…how about using nvlink and making it with multiple 4090’s ?

AS i have been doing a project which is 15 acres of land … with towers and a alots of landscape … it has been crashing frequently … while rendering videos in *.Exr format and rendering with alots of dynamic assests , 4k it crashed, 2k its crashed again … 1080 p it crashed …, i need to optimize the file by removing all the assets and tried rendering again … still it crashed .

help me out … it doesnt handle complex scenes with lots of dynamic assests

Sorry we don’t support nvlink with multiple GPU now.

Can you send the log files, model, and D5 files to us for troubleshooting?

How to collect log files:
D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

D5 Help Center Address:

hi Bruce., sorry i was travelling .,

plz download these files, as requested., im not able to render 60fps of 2k resolution of 6 seconds clip.

im trying to render this without any of the plantations.k, still its crashing …, i wonder how am i gonna render with landscape and plantations.

Please look into this


Hi mate, can you accept the request to download the file you uploaded?

hi i did accept it … did u download the files

Hi mate, I have tested it on my device, and it’s fine for me. But I can see the memory usage is big due to the big scene.

Can you tell me your hardware information? it may crash due to it.
You can also send the log files to us for troubleshooting.

How to collect log files:
D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM