Some assets are not downloaded

There are some assets that are not being downloaded, supposedly they have already been downloaded but they do not appear in the viewport
Olive Oil for example

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Hi mate, it is due to server data transferring. We will fix it soon.


Thanks for the reply! Have a nice day

Is this still under maintenance? I’m having this issue with 2.4

i am also having same issue

Hi @jtubb @Hassaan
[Hot issue] Assets loading and downloading problem - Get Help - D5 RENDER FORUM

Please follow the steps and send log files to us, if that problem still persists on your computer, sorry for the inconvenience.

This is not a possible solution in our office. I’m also puzzled that rebooting our network router could fix it. Hopefully, the dev team can correct the issue very soon.

Hi mate, the issue still persists on your side, right? Please check your dm, can we arrange remote access?