Slow rendering times

D5 Render Version: latest
Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
Driver Version: latest
Issue Description: we are having slow rendering times - one image takes around 15min and it seems the GPU is not fully loaded
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Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi editarchitects,

What is the resolution of the image? And the real-time detection of Windows task manager is not accurate, you could use GPU-Z to check the GPU usage.


the resolution is 3200x1900.
Even with GPU-Z the load is around 30%
Interestingly, when the rendering is off and G5 only computes the live preview, the load is higher - around 40%

any hints, what to do?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. This may be affected by many elements, we are testing it. Besides, do you switch to other programs or let D5 Render render in the background? If D5 Render runs in the background, it will run in low-power mode to save CPU/GPU usage.
Also, if you render other scenes, in other resolutions, how does it work? Is the speed ok?

Best regards,

we usually don’t switch to other programs while rendering. The program seems to be slow in general regradless the settings.