Slow render time

**D5 Render Version:**
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
**Driver Version:**528.02
Issue Description: Time for rendering in 16k has tripled. It was around 13 minutes now is 37 minutes
**Screenshots/Videos Description:**Screenshot by Lightshot

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

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Hi mate, have you updated to the latest 2.4.1 version? How’s it going now?

Hi oliver,

Same increase of render time. I rendered a 8K exterior scene with 2.4.1 yestereday for a client, the render took approx 15min, compare to 5/6m before the update. (2.3)

is it linked to new GI ?

HI mate, it can be related to both the new GI and the scene complexity. If possible, you can send us a scene file saved in 2.3 for testing, and we can render it with 2.3 and 2.4 to check the result.
In theory 2.4 should be faster than 2.3, therefore we may need to look into the problem you encountered.

Hi Oliver,

I can’t share yet the file still on studies by the client, but nothing different from my other projects (same amount of vegetation, mostly 4k custom textures, etc…)

But I made another test using the glass tricks shown on your last video, and the render is still quite long acording to the simplicity of the scene (2 layers of glass, 2 people, geo and sky).

Any clue?

(by the way, the frosted glass is still to grainy :crazy_face:)