SKP model not loaded

Latest D5 v1.9
RTX 2060 Super
Driver Ver : 471.96
I have open my skp model without any problems, but when i want to update my sketchup models, i press re import and then my model lost, but my file is detected in the left bar, and then i tried so many ways like press Z and everything, then i decided to restart it by making a new file, unfortunately the bugs is still there, my skp model not loaded same like before, i put the video in here.

There’s still plenty of bugs in this version but you want to launch new version 2.0 ? really ?

Make sure your SKP model is saved in 2020 format in sketchup not in 2021 before you reload the model in D5

Hello sir, sorry for the inconvenience, first, how did you sync the model and press’ reimport’ button? We do not support reading skp2021 directly, as rashedexe mentioned above. You could use D5-Su plugin to sync the model. SketchUp Rendering (

Besides, from the screenshot you posted, the file is imported, but not placed into the scene, what is this list?

If the problem remains, feel free to share us more details or a video, or you could send the model to directly.