Sketchup Tags in D5

Hi there - not sure if this is a bug or not? When you have some geometry hidden on tags(layers in Sketchup) it does not hide it in D5. It seems to show all the objects. For example I want to show cubicle doors open in and close in a Washroom. D5 seems to show all objects in the scene. When I switch off the doors in Sk and reload in D5 it does not update. Thank you.

Hi, for now, D5 don’t support this function. You can try to export the door as a single file to D5!

Ah - ok. Look forward when it will. Thank you.

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Hi Team - funny? I have experience when I make changes in my Sk file and reload sometimes the objects that are on hidden layer in SK does actually not show on D5. Not sure if this is a cliche. But it actually happened a couple of times. But to random to actually rely on.

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