SketchUp Live sync does not work for new version

Hi everyone!
I’m very satisfied with d5! It’s great!

But since I updated to version 1.8.1 of d5 and version 0.4.3 of live sync for SketchUp…it does not work…

I have tried to come back to the old veraion but it does not work neither…
Please let me known any solution because in my workflow it is a fundamental tool!

Thanks for all and congratulations for your work

Hello @Zoroncho ,

It would be great if there were screenshots describing your problem so that we can better locate the problem.

Thank you.

Dear whao,

A few moments ago I have repeat the process of installation. 1st the sketchup converter and later the d5 update version and now it works.

I don’t understand but it works again.

Anyway thanks a lot for your response.

I love this software! I’m enjoying!

Thanks from Spain!