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I linked plug in sketchup. It’s ok, when I move the view in sketchup, the same in render D5. When I change something in sketchup, I save, but in render D 5 nothing; the same for material. The link , it seems, all for the view changing. How can do it?
I use sketchup 2018. The same with the last sketchup (2021)

D5 Render Version: 2.0
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Hi, click the sync button on the plugin.
SketchUp Rendering (

I click but nothing
architettura e sostenibilita’

Hello, if you change material or material name, they will sync to D5. If you only change material UV, texture, etc, they will not sync.
Besides, if you have modified some materials in D5, then those materials will not sync changes anymore, until you change name for them in SU.