Sketchup File No Longer Importing Correctly

RTX 2070 Super
Driver Version: Studio 546.01

Importing a sketchup file comes in as an exploded mess of components - I have been working on this file since February and it has been working smoothly until Friday Dec 1st.
The file has been saved as an older version in Sketchup in the hopes that this would help, but no luck (saved as both v 13 and v3 within sketchup).

I had to sign an NDA with this client, so I’d like to share images / files via a direct message if possible versus the larger forum, thank you!

Hello! Sorry for your problem. You can just talk to me privately, I will check the message.

Hey there, I think it’s a sketchup issue, not D5 - if you’d like, this thread can be deleted, thanks!!

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Thanks for your feedback. If this issue happen again or you meet any other problem, feel free to contact me.

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