SketchUp Converter with 1.9 not showing models
GeForce RTX 3070
Sketchup Converter stopped working, was able to create one D5 model but after I closed and restarted the program, sync has stopped working. I cannot create any new D5 scenes in SketchUp 2021 using the converter, I was able to open models as .fbx files and was also able to open models by saving to skp v.2018.

I have reinstalled the program multiple times and the problem persists.

Also, when I launch D5 from SketchUp Converter in SketchUp 2021, I get a message that says: “D5 Render is launched, please select. Click “OK” to create a new .drs project, Click “select file” to reassociate a .drs project that aleady contains the current file”

When I click OK, D5 launches but model will not load. The only way I can get D5 to work is to save models down to 2018 and/or as FBX and to import the model into D5.

In the model I had created already, it will launch in D5 still but no model edits will show up in D5 either.

Hi 100Bond, please update your video driver to the latest version(471.41) first.
Second, can you cut a screenshot of the model list in D5 Render? Do the model appear there?
Besides, we support reading .skp files directly except for skp v.2021.
If the problem remains, feel free to let me know, and we will follow up here for you.


It was the driver, thank you!

No problem, hope this topic can help more people who encounter this problem.
Have a nice day!