Selection mode bug / not optimum

Hello D5 team.

I find the select tool not very eficient. On large scene the double click to go from “group select” to"single element select" is not working some times and it s a real pain to scroll to find the one bush in between dozens you want to move.

Also as it doesn’t indicate whereas you’re in “group select” or “single element” select mode sometimes you delete an entire group without knowing it (you see it hours later and way to late.

I have RTX 2070 so in very large scene there are some graphic delay that doesn’t help for that problem, but I think whatever it is an ergonomic problem to solve.

Also you could have in the outliner a right click “move to group” tool like in blender so you don’t have to scrooooooooooooooll all the way up or down, most of all for vegetation assets.

Keep the good work on!

Best regards

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Hello ,

Good idea!
And could you tell us roughly how many resources are there in your scene?
How many kinds are there in general and how many of each?

Thank you very much!


the D5 file is now reaching almost 6go.

textures files are reasonable (2k max but all layers).

Revit project base file is small, about 200 Mo but it’s almost always the case as architectural non curve model don’t have so much geometry.

I have a lot of nice HD trees (100 Mo each including textures), all converted to D5 but I have around 30 to 60 of them (it’s a big area project), that’s a big weight.

Then some 30 animated people from D5 built in library.

Then some 30 cars half from D5 built in, half mine but not too big files.

And a lot of secondary vegetation, all from built in library. No painted grass or whatever as those can’t be find in the outliner (which could be a good idea to implement) and I find there’s not much control on them.

Some personal mobiliary converted to D5 lib, around 20/30 items but all of them with reasonable size (from 5 to 50Mo max including textures).

One personal HDRI 8K, I didn’t dare to use the 16K version.

Of course in those project outliner is going big.
I have a working view where basically everything is turned off and where I had the new assets, then I send them one by one in the diferent groups.

The built in library creates category which is nice, but it could be very good also that personal assets could be assigned to those categories also.

I hope it helps.

Anyway working on D5 is getting more enjoyable in every update.

Best regards

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Also I was wondering if D5 use the same instance tecnical as blender when you copy an asset; I mean if I add one asset from my library and then add it again from the library instead of copying it in space directly, does it save it twice or just once and knows it has 2 or whatever number of the same instance?
By default I add it once from the library, then I copy it from space, hoping it’s making instance and not duplicate.

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Hi, thanks for your posts.

Currently, some grass models in D5 Asset Library can be recognized and saved only once, no matter how many we add. But we haven not yet applied the algorithm to all models in Asset Library or local libraries. The good news is that we are planning to bring the ‘instance tech’ to more models.

For now, we kindly suggest you keep the current working habit using Copy function and wait for updates, thanks for your ideas again.

Have a nice day!