Scene View Error

Hello, there’s been problem on several of my scenes preview. Image looks distorted, as if several layers of view mode is implemented on one go.

It happened while viewing the scene & loading camera setting up for render.

Unexpectedly, Rendering result turns perfectly fine. Please Advice, Thankyou

Hi mate, sorry for that. Does the preview window still look like this after restarting D5? If yes, can you send this scene to us for troubleshooting?

Yes, the preview for the scene remain in an error state even though i restarted the application.

Recently the problem develop, as the rendering results turned corrupt (as attached image below).

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience caused by the problem. Please show us the detailed hardware information and versions of D5. Does it happen even to the empty scene? Can you update the GPU driver and check the result?

If this still happens, please send the scenes and log files to us for troubleshooting

How to collect log files: D5 Support Tool