Revit 2021 Sync Problem

Hello, I have installed Revit - D5 Sync plugin and it does work. but the scaling seems to be off in a large margin.
when i load textures to elements, they seem in scale when i adjust the UV slider to the far left down to 0.01 scaling. I have modeled the building in revit with real scaling and in millimeters. this problem does not occur in lumion. thus indicating no issue with the reviit model.

please look in to the issue
Thank you

Here is a snapshot of the issue

Hello, does the model with texture loaded have any material originally? And have you checked if individual uv for this texture is turned on?

I have applied a dummy material from revit before syncing as we normally do when working with lumoin. how do i check whether the individual uv for this texture is turned on?

thank you

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been having a few days off.
You can check two things.
Firstly, as shown in the image below, you can check if the dummy material has texture and the scaling is too large, which will cause the problem as described.

Secondly, click on this

and then

(sorry not in english… but you can find the corresponding items in your D5 Render). You should check the values of Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling. These should actually be directly related to the material texture scaling in revit.

When the dummy material has no texture, or no standalone uv is used, or all these values seem sufficiently normal, you can upload your project file (you don’t have to upload the complete project you are working on if you can’t, though it is better for the debugging purpose; you can in this case delete everything else except for the element with overscaled uv), or email it to me ( ), and I’ll fix this as soon as possible.