Resetted my laptop and now i lost access to my edu licensed account

just resetted my laptop because it has been laggy and there were plenty of files on my C drive and now whenever i try to login into my d5 render edu account it doesnt login and says please login in with your edu account on the bound device while its literally the same device just with a resetted windows

Hello mate, have you changed the hardware of your computer? When did you bind the edu license to your computer?

Havent changed anything literally just resetted my laptop.
Got my edu license binded a month ago

Hi mate,

Did you double-click normally to open D5 or did you open it as administrator?

If you can confirm that you have not changed the device and have not changed the hardware of that device (including adding HDD), you can send your logs to us ( Please attach a link to this post. You can refer to this post to learn how to collect logs: D5 Support Tool We will examine your logs in detail.

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Tried running it as admin and it logged in
Thank you so much ryan