Render queue breaks Field of view

I have large projects ranging from 20 to 40 renderings. If my first rendering has a FOV of 90deg it will override the FOV change in any other rendering. Meaning if my renderings include a range of 50deg, 90deg, and 120dev FOV all images will render in the FOV from the first rendering. This causes me to render in batches based on FOV which is still time-consuming.

Also please add an option to simply render all seances with one click. having to add scenes to the queue every time is an unnecessary step. Most software does not require this or only requires this to be done once, after that batch rendering is a single click.

Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestion. We’ll plan to add it in the following updates.
As for the FOV issue, may I have the screenshot or videos of it? My email is

Thank you