Reload problem

hello im trying to reload the sketchup file but the button is not working why?

Hi, it is because the model is synced with D5 Converter for SketchUp, right? If so, please keep using the plugin to sync the model.
It is not suggested to mix-use both ways to sync model changes, which can cause problems, so we add this feature to ban the Reload button for files imported via plugins.

hello no i didnt use the sketch up plugin i always reload from inside the d5render

ok i do it from the plugin and works thanks you

Hi, you are welcome. But from your description, it sounds like a bug, because if you did not import it using the plugin, the Reload button should work. Is the model or D5 scene file from others?

maybe is a bug yes because i never use the sketchup d5 plugin when im reloading the scene…i done it always from inside the d5 program…no the scene is mine i made it in sketch up

Hi,thanks for the updates, can you please run this tool then send me log file? My email is
We may read from the log to check why this problem happened, thanks in advance~
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