Release notes | D5 Sync for Cinema 4D


Ver. 0.5.0

Release date: 2022.11.16


  • New UI and interactive experience

  • Support Cinema 4D S26 and 2023

  • Display the sync state

  • Optimize material mapping and map baking

  • Add an uninstall program on the system start menu

  • Support AMD graphics cards

  • Support incremental synchronization

  • Add a setting to control texture baking resolution


  • Some scenes with unsupported components failed to sync

  • Some materials went missing after sync

Ver. 0.4.0

Release date: 2022.2.28


  • Support the sync of Redshift materials. (linked textures and basic parameters)

  • Support the sync of Corona materials. (Corona6, some of Corona8)


  • Optimize the export of .d5a files.

Ver. 0.3.0

Release date: 2022. 1. 19