Reflection channel

Why doesn’t the glass reflect in the reflection channel?
Is that a mistake?
The rest of the created material appears in all areas, except glass
But I can’t make a background image using the alpha channel

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Same happened with me!

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Hi there, no it is not a mistake,it is normal, and we will add the background function in the future!

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Hello, I managed to use a jpg image, the good thing is that the image is correct in 360 already helped a lot, but I’m limited in photoshop
If you can put the option to save images with more quality, like tiff, tga, we don’t have that option

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Hi eddy! Thanks for your suggestion!

This is very much needed for Post processing in programs like Photoshop. Any idea of the status of this basic feature?

Hello Liftmode, now we have already had the option to export Reflection channels:

For reference, you could view User Manual: Image and Panorama - User Manual (

Glass reflection still doesn’t appear in the reflection channel

Hello, yes it is true. If you need to distinguish the glass, please use the TransMask channel.