Raster edge in new D5 2.1 PLEASE HELP

**D5 Render Version:**2.0
**Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
**Driver Version: 472.47

Hi Team - please see attached images. Set of images was done on D2.0 and the new set image example was done in D2.1.

As you can see the new version has these raster edges! In my previous set of images done in 1.9 the edges is smooth and clean.

I need to create a set of 15 massing context images and with the latest version I’m struggling with the edges. The proposed massing has been updated so the images model will not be 100% like for like in the examples.

Also I have noticed that the rendering time output is much slower then in 2.0. Not sure why?

Please help.
Thank you.

hi @WB5
I think maybe it is a driver problem, you can try to upgrade to the 511 driver version first
The problem of increased rendering time may be due to our new version adjusting some rendering algorithms, which slightly affects, we will continue to optimize

Thank you, I have upgrade my driver and the issue still happens.

Please adjust the Normal and Specular of the materials lower(close to 0)then try again. It also needs our optimization on the antialiasing function.