Purple lines in texture

I report a new problem. For some time I have been realizing that in some textures, purple lines appear. Initially I thought it was a problem of incorrectly imported textures.
Instead now I have just opened a new file and the problem is already there.
I attach in the following order :

  • screenshoot of the problem present in the new file;
  • texture used in the new file;
  • render of another project with different textures but same bug.

I’ve noticed this as well. I close the drawing and re-open it and most of the time the pixelated magenta lines will disappear. I believe they will render too if they are present before rendering.

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Hello antonio, is the texture compressed in the forum? This issue is probably resolved in the coming 2.2 version. Normally you need to delete the texture then ctrl+z to undo, then the problem should be resolved, or you can reopen the file.

I am curious that whether you can reproduce this problem with this file, if yes, it will help us a lot if you can send the scene file to me, or a sample file. My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com

it happens to me too.
I solve it this quick way: I delete the texture and reload it back into the material. It works


thanks a lot, I tried ur way and it works. SImply choose the base colour map in D5, replace/reload the texture image again. And then, don’t touch the normal map value again. As long as u don’t touch it, the purple line won’t show up. It you need to touch the normal map value, then just, reload the base color map again.