Pumpkin bug

I stumbled upon such a mistake. Every time I try to upload this golden pumpkin to a project, an endless download starts, and I have to delete the d5 task through the task manager and restore the project using history

Hello, what version of D5 Render do you use, is it 2.3.2?
Please go to the installation folder of D5 Render on your computer, then delete this folder (this is the pumpkin model)
then you can reopen D5 Render to redownload this model.

If the problem persists, please let me know.


Unfortunately there is no such folder

Hello, alright, you meant there is no “f2”, or no “f9997bxxxxxxxxxxxxx”?

f2 - yes, f9997 - no

Hi mate, sorry for that. We may need more time to check the status of this model.
If you want to re-download this model quickly, then you can delete all the files in the model folder (in your screenshot).
Please note that, in this way, most of your downloaded model files will be deleted and need re-download.