Program Unable to start correctly

e45f6a507ba49bf8cc1ba68bbffd296 I downloaded the latest version multiple times and installed it. When I start the application a window pops up saying “UNABLE TO START THE PROGRAM CORRECTLY”. Any fix for this problem?

Same problem here.

Hi Pardhu,

Please download and repair by the link below, then restart D5 Render. Thank you.

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Hi John,

Please refer to the reply above. Thank you very much

thank you Jessie

Thank a lot

Tried the repair above. Did not work. I still get this screen

I have updated windows. I have updated Graphics driver.
Don’t know what else to try.
Used to get the …0007b error shown above. but now i get what you see in the image
Using version 445.87 of the Nvidia Games driver.
Should i install the studio version instead?

after about 6 hours of re-booting, re-intalling and updates I finally got it to work. Windows did some compatability test and it worked after that.

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I got the same error but finally resolved the issue. I had to install the
Nvidia 441.66 desktop-win10-64bit-international-nsd-whql and the Net Framework dotNetFx3.5_W10_x86_x64.exe
Besides I select to open the application as administrator.