Program closes on its own

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Hello all
After trying the last update 1.5, the problems inside the program increased with me, including this problem, as shown in the pictures, which is that the program closes on its own, and the second problem is that the program does not produce 4k images of large files and gives an error saying that the screen card must be updated
Only when the file is small size will it output 4k?
According to my vision, the program does not accommodate large files with frequent movement and modification within the scene. The program closes and gives the error message shown in the pictures below.
I hope that such problems will be seen and worked on because they are very important points for the architect, because most of the work files are large in size and the 4k format is also very important
Thank you for all your efforts to satisfy the desires of the users with all my regards

the same happened to me. But it fixes when update to latest version of Nvidia driver