Problem with video and object

D5 Render Version: 1.9 (latest uptade)
Graphics Card: RTX 2060
Driver Version: Nvidia Studio 471.11
Issue Description: I have to make a video where lights are turned on under some structures in the shape of a circle.
Not being able to use the 4 types of lighting available in the program (because the light has a circular shape) I decided to import the lights as separate objects and make them visible or not according to my needs.
During the preview everything seems to be going as planned.
However, once the video is rendered, the lights (inserted as objects) do not all work, but only some. Am I wrong something or is it a bug?
Can anyone help me?
PS I attach preview video recorded directly from D5 and the rendered result
Screenshots/Videos Description:Video from D5
Video Render
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi Antonio, could you send your scene file and model file to my email at
We could see it has a BUG from the video, but we need to check the scene file for further investigation.


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Hi, I sent you the email

Hi Antonio,

The light you use is emissive light, right? Sorry that we do not support emissive lights to add key frame yet. Please change it to other preset lights. And do you sync the lights using plugin from modeling software?