Problem Exporting Video

Hi D5 Team!

I ve got a problem when i exported a video .The render is really dirty…i don’t understand .
I render in HD 1920*1080.I know ,it possible to have a better render but i don’t know How?
Can you help me,please?

My picture is cropped because i’m not able to show the project.

Thanks in advance.

For example,I liked have this quality render for aerial render:

Hello, how does it look in the preview? In my opinion, the multiple types of trees do not fit each other very well…maybe you could try trees thick with leaves like those in the video you posted.

In my preview,there are a lot of point little strange…Like in the render…

Perhaps it’s a setting,i changed (like depht of field??)and it makes that?
I don’t know

Thanks for your feeback

no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

When the video reaches 99%, I turn off the pc, the video is never made and everything closes, literally, the pc turns off.

Hello, you can render another video clip with a small scene or empty scene then see the result. If the 99%-crash issue happened to a specific file, that means the GPU or RAM was out of usage.
You can try again, and feel free to let us know if the problem remains. We will check the logs and help you narrow down the issue cause.

Hello Oliver, but it is possible that with my PC (I attach the features) as soon as I try to export a 6-second video to 1080p, I turn off the d5 software, and I give this error as per screenshot attached.

Hello, I think 16GB RAM may be not enough? Normally the “out of memory” means the computer is really out of RAM.
Please try increasing your virtual ram in Win10 settings.
How to change virtual memory size on Windows 10 | Windows Central
If that won’t work, you may need to upgrade your RAM to 32 gb.

hank you very much Oliver, I try and let you know

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